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A quick update about the development for Truck and Logistics Simulator!


Here is a quick update about the development!

The new minivan is about 90% complete. The team has been working on improving the map, starting with the map extension, new traffic signs, new European style traffic lights, a new mission, and so on.

But the work-in-progress graphics optimization caused a big delay in updates. This required a major rewrite in the code and that caused lots of new bugs and instability. We’re hoping to see it completed next week and then we can release an update.

Development of the company management feature has started. It will take about 6 months of time to develop.

These are the current changelog for the next update. More might be added and we will make a separate announcement when update is ready. Not yet released, planning to release in a week:

  • Separated Graphics Settings to allow better customization and optimization. (Shadow Quality, motion blur and etc.)
  • New European style traffic signs.
  • Improved wheel and rim models of most of the vehicles.
  • When recovering your vehicle or restarting a mission now the game disables collisions temporarily to avoid collisions in multiplayer.
  • User Interface (UI) mirror setting is now persistent.
  • Added interior seat position option for Up-Down. (Was only forward-back)
  • Added Frame Rate Limit (Max FPS) to graphics options.
  • Recreated the vehicle images in the UI.
  • Added physically responsive axle models to some vehicles.
  • Increased fuel consumption of vehicles.
  • Disabled audio in the pause menu.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to manual gear shifting and H-Shifter support.
  • Many fixes with the map. Reduced bumpiness and improved the curve on some roads.
  • User interface improvements.

This isn’t the big update that includes a new minivan, rain and more. That big update is planned to be released in 3 weeks we will announce it closer to release. It will also be released on Nintendo Switch at the same time.

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