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New screenshots released for the map of Truckers of Europe 3

New screenshots released for the map of Truckers of Europe 3

The Wanda team has released screenshots of the Europe map they are currently developing for Truckers of Europe 3. Details were welcomed in the images with real and in-game comparisons.

Unlike the classic mobile game maps, Truckers of Europe 3 pays great attention to map design and details. The map design, based on Google Earth and Street View images, pays attention to the realism of the structures and textures.

Bertan Baday from Wanda Software says:

“First of all, we should not forget that this game is a mobile game, but the overall scaling between cities on the map is kept within a certain scale range in Truckers of Europe 3, as in every game. There are 7 or 8 cities and 2 countries determined in Europe in the first place, and these are researches are done on Google Earth and Street View data by adhering to 1:1 scale.While creating highways, surrounding objects and terrains are divided into modules and drawn from scratch on 3DS Max based on a certain distance.These modules are prepared at 1:1 scale and the distance between modules is also measured to scale. The map is continued step by step by adjusting it accordingly. As much as possible, attention is paid to the realism, textures, sizes and locations of the buildings. While creating assets, skins are extracted from the real images of the buildings or textures close to it and integrated into Unity. Usually, the workflow is this way and it is completely a map. It takes a lot of time to consider. Modders with a long history can predict how long such events will last.”




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