Truck Driver: The American Dream – Christmas update has been released!

With the Santa Claus update for Truck Driver: The American Dream, you can transport on snowy roads with a trailer specially illuminated for Christmas. The feature that players will love the most is that you can now roam freely in the game. This update adds Freedom-to-Roam mode.

PS5 Patch #9 & Xbox Patch #3

Patch Update PS5 & Xbox X/S

Greetings, Truckers! We’re back with a new update for Truck Driver: The American Dream, introducing the exciting Freedom-to-Roam mode along with a festive Christmas on 18 Wheels update. Our commitment to delivering fresh experiences remains unwavering. With these latest additions, buckle up as an entirely new adventure on the open road awaits!

In response to your valuable feedback regarding optimization issues, we’ve made significant changes by upgrading to a new game engine version. We appreciate your patience as this transition took some time. However, we believe it’s been worth the effort, and we hope your journeys on Truck Driver: The American Dream are now smoother and more enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. Now, let’s dive into the details of this exciting update!


Freedom to Roam Mode (version 0.3):

A brand-new game mode with distinct progression and rules.

This introductory version will receive its first update in early 2024.

Christmas on 18 Wheels:

Unwrap the festive spirit in a new Christmas chapter.

Features new characters, dialogues, trailer, paint job, and voiceovers.

Save function disabled.

Chapter Selection:

Replay completed story chapters (after this update) from this menu.

Truck Cinema Experience:

Watch unlocked cutscenes post-update.

Expanded Traffic Fleet:

Nine new vehicles join the road, bringing the total to 30.

Chapter Restart Option:

Restart a chapter seamlessly from the pause menu.

Snowy Weather Conditions:

Experience varying states such as snowstorm, heavy snowfall, and light snowfall.

World Building Updates:

Numerous additional buildings along roads and in cities.

Significant lighting enhancements in 50+ main locations.

HDR Toggle Option:

Enable or disable HDR for improved image quality on Xbox platforms for players without HDR displays.

PlayStation 5 automatically disables HDR for incompatible displays.

Raytracing GI (Global Illumination):

Added to the Xbox Series S version. RTGI was already part of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Added localization in Bulgarian

Added a new Christmas radio station



Engine Upgrade:

Migrated from Unreal 5.1.1 to Unreal 5.3.2.

Significant visual and performance improvements on Xbox consoles.

Resolution Enhancements:

Xbox Series S version runs at nearly double the resolution without impacting performance or memory management.

Higher quality visual settings for Series S.

15-20% higher average resolution on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X without performance loss.

RayTracing Reflections:

Higher quality on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed over 50 bugs in the game.

Thank you for the continued support from Truck Driver: The American Dream community. In 2024, expect more additions, including additional vehicles on the road, a new truck, trailer, audio design updates, and a Story DLC featuring familiar faces like Clint, Nathan, and Lara.

Merry Trucking Christmas!

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