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Farming Simulator 22 – GPS Mod “Lane Guidance” VehicleControlAddon

Popular lane guidance developed by Stefan Biedenstein, GPS mode VehicleControlAddon has been released for the new Farming Simulator 22. Simuway recommends this mod to all FS22 players. 

Newest features

Snap direction has been renamed to lane guidance. It is possible to swtich to left or right reverse guidance lane. Here are the lane guidance key bindings:

  • LCtrl+W: (de-)activate lane guidane on nearest lane
  • LCtrl+LAlt+W: detect width and offset of attached implements
  • LAlt+W: Disable lane guidance
  • LCtrl+A / LCtrl+D: shift by one lane to the left / right
  • LAlt+A / LAlt+D: switch to left / right reverse lane. You can specify the number of lanes to skip in the settings menu. There is no need to deactivate lane guidance for the turn. If you change direction, then the vehicle should steer into the right direction. If you deactivated guidance steering, then you can use LCtrl+S to reactivate it.
  • LCtrl+S: Reactivate last guidance lane

Some settings are display only in MP

In multiplayer games only the master user (aka administrator) can change global settings with key combination LCtrl+LAtr+C.

Credits: by Mogli Stefan Biedenstein

Platform: PC/MAC

DOWNLOAD from github

You can download

VehicleControlAddon – Settings

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