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Take a look at the new build mode in Farming Simulator 22!

Farming Simulator 22 features a brand-new and improved build mode, combining landscaping and the placement of buildings. If you watched this year’s FarmCon, you already got a glimpse of it.

Watch the presentation below if you missed it! Gameplay Programmer Jos Kuijpers explains, what’s new to build in the game. After that, QA Lead Ken Burgess and Gameplay Developer Stefan Maurus test the features in a short gameplay session.

Which improvements can you look forward to?

We decided to overhaul the construction system from Farming Simulator 19 for two reasons: First, we needed to improve the usability. We got a lot of feedback from you in the past, and we’re improving the build mode to make it more user-friendly.

On the other hand, we have new features like the production chains that require an extended build mode. Basically, we revamped the whole thing by increasing the number of placeable items drastically and redesigned all the controls.

You can now quickly switch between placing buildings and objects, landscaping, and removing objects. As for landscaping and sculpting, we added new tools to edit your terrain. It’s easier than ever before to build your farm just how you like it.

What new features are added to the build mode?

You probably know about our new crops in Farming Simulator 22, already. Grapes and olives have to be planted by building vines. So, if you want to build a vineyard, you have to open build mode, and stripe your fields with vines, first.

If you are more of an animal farmer, you can also build the fences yourself (in addition to the many new pens we got). Similar to the vines, you just put down a pole and pull the fence to create it. There are ten different types of fences, plus gates.

What type of new placeables are there?

Overall, everything is put in one of the following categories:

  • Buildings are split further into sheds, silos, silo extensions, containers, and tools. Here, you find buildings like the new sheds by Rudolf Hörmann, each with functionality and things like vehicle services points or solar panels.
  • Production contains all the buildings needed to start your production chains or earn you additional money another way. There are factories, selling points, greenhouses, orchards and generators.
  • Animals contain all the pens for your animals – in different shapes, sizes, and some additional functionality.
  • Decoration contains fences, (street) lights and more. With this set of items, you can provide your farm with a lot of details.
  • Landscaping contains… well, the landscaping tools for sculpting, painting, trees, and plants. Here, you find everything to make your farmland more individual.


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