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Sound design improvements in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 will feature various sound improvements. You can already listen to some of them in the videos below. Our two sound designers, Kris and Nils, present to you what they’ve been working on to improve the auditory experience in the game. Grab your headphones and start listening!


Dynamic sound for engine and exhaust

Kris is currently focussing on implementing new vehicle engine sounds using the new engine synthesis tool. Both the audio team, and the programmers collaborated on creating a new audio software tool to allow for dynamic audio processing. Vehicle sounds will now transform in real-time to the in-game environment, making the machines sound more realistic.

The main new feature of the audio system is the implementation of dynamic load processing: It simulates the engine having various loads and resistances applied. Whether you drive a tractor under a huge load or drive uphill, the engine will sound more authentic. To achieve this, the sound team used real-life recordings from real machines.

  • Bespoke tool that allows for dynamic audio processing depending on the in-game environment

  • Vehicle engine and exhaust recordings are now separate

  • dynamic load processing (sounds change depending on different loads on the tractor)

  • windscreen wiper sounds that come from the actual locations of the mirrors

  • Gear shift sounds for vehicles with manual transmissions

  • Custom sounds for older vehicles with less filtration when in the cab

  • Sounds can now be animated depending on the implement

  • additional sounds for implements (metal hitting metal etc)

  • Sounds can be triggered during animations at different keyframes

  • Cab sounds (chair moving, things banging, etc)

New attachment audio system



Nils is working on the new attachment audio system. Since attachments like cultivators and trailers create a lot of different sounds, the audio team visited a lot of local farmers to create references. The new audio tool allows playing various sounds during an animation.

The unloading of a trailer, for example – with the rear lid opening, hydraulic parts moving around and metal impact where metal on metal creates a heavy sound effect. Every attachment will have its individual set of sound effects in Farming Simulator 22.

Another thing you’ll notice while driving your tractor: there are plenty of new sounds inside the cabin, creating an immersive sound environment. You don’t just hear the engine of your tractor, but various shaking and rattling sounds from all the objects inside the cabin. That includes the sounds of windshield wipers, too!

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