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FS 22 – Vehicle Monitor

FS 22 – Vehicle Monitor

Vehicle Monitor has been released for Farming Simulator 22. This mod displays the vehicles of the own farm including their loading status. If, for example, a seeder is almost empty or a combine is almost full, these values are colored depending on the threshold. In addition, each vehicle shows which player it is currently occuppied by, with the currently occupied vehicle being shown in bold. All elements connected to the vehicle (front loader, trailer, implements, etc.) are displayed as a group. Finally, non-driveable vehicles that have a relevant fill level are displayed in a separate list below the driveable vehicles.

All loading types (except logs/branches) are supported and the thresholds, colors, position and size of the text can be customized as desired in a configuration file.

The display can be switched between four modes with the key combination CTRL+ALT+NUM1: off, short, normal, long. Depending on the mode, more or less information is displayed per vehicle (levels and connected elements).
The config file (DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2022modSettingsVehicleMonitorconfig.xml) can be reloaded without restarting the game with by pressing CTRL+ALT+NUM2.

v1.1.1.2: Initial ModHub Release
– Fix: Show connected elements for all currently occuppied vehicles in SHORT mode
– New: Automatic wrapping of too long lines
– Fix: Error on renting vehicles
– New: Hide miscellaneous irrelevant vehicles/elements
– New: Bunker silos are shown during fermentation
– Fix: Errors during bunker silo rendering with FS22

Credits: ChrisIgel

Platform: PC/MAC


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