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Farming Simulator 22 – Survival mode “as a Game difficulty”

With Gamedifficulty: Survival mode developed by schliesser, Farming Simulator 22 can be played much more difficult! You cannot withdraw credit from the bank in Farming Simulator 22: Survival mod features. Vehicles are not rented. You cannot employ AI workers. In fact, FS 22 doesn’t even have to sleep anymore! New ones appear every 30 minutes on the missions screen. You earn less money from missions.

Gamedifficulty: Survival

This mod presents you with real challenges! You are on your own:
– Credit limit is set to 0€
– Vehicles can no longer be rented in the store and missions
– Compensation for missions reduced
– Sleeping is no longer possible
– No AI helpers
– New missions every 30 minutes
– More missions available


Author: schliesser

Platform: PC/MAC



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