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Farming Simulator 22 – First in-game screenshots for the seasonal cycle 

Get ready for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Farming Simulator 22! Giants Software has shared a dozen screenshots for the seasonal cycle.

Four seasons in Farming Simulator 22

“Before we take a look at some brand-new material, let’s talk about the seasonal cycles real quick. What you should know: Our version of the four seasons is different from the mod for Farming Simulator 17 and 19.”

“Things will work differently, and we’re creating our own version of the four seasons changing the environment in the game. Since the game and seasonal cycles are still in development, we won’t give you any in-depth details right now – but stay tuned to learn more, soon!”

Along with the season cycle, a change that affects everything begins in Farming Simulator 22. Will the rain effect change? What will the snowfall be like? Will the interaction with Snow be different from Seasons 19? More detailed information about the seasons will be shared later. 



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