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ETS 2 Iberia: Tollgates & Toll Roads screenshots and new light

Spain and Portugal have an excellent and fast motorway network which spans the entire peninsula, and in comparison to other European countries, it has very few motorway tolls. However, you may still find yourself travelling on a toll road or coming across a toll plaza when driving across our upcoming Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Any driver and their wallet traveling across Europe would be very familiar with paying tolls, especially in countries such as France, but there is a good reason behind them. Toll roads give road users the option to drive on a better maintained, less busy, and more often than not, a faster route to their destination. However, these roads can rack up quite the bill when you’re doing a lot of driving in a day.

The Iberia DLC will feature an array of different toll booth designs and technologies, from the slower traditional tolls with barriers, to the latest in toll road technology; overhead cameras reading every vehicle’s tags without them needing to slow down!

We look forward to sharing more about Iberia with you soon, but until then, please keep in mind that the images and visual lighting you see featured in this post are still in a work in progress state and may not represent the final released product.

Whilst the tolls may hurt your wallet virtually, one thing that is free is adding Iberia to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps supports us and our upcoming releases and we thank those who have already done so!


Source: SCS Software’s blog

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