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ETS 2 – Iberia: Reaching the Finish Line

The Iberian hype train is reaching its maximum speed and we are not sure if its engine can continue building pressure. Yet, we still are going to work it a little bit harder with today’s blog post.

We are in very close touch these days with the teams working on the final tasks for Iberia DLC, and with each passing day, we are getting increasingly confident statements from their side. Some time back, we dared to announce that this upcoming, and by far the biggest map expansion to-date for Euro Truck Simulator 2, will be released in April 2021.

If everything goes at the same pace and in the same positive direction, we think we’ll be ready to announce the exact release date next week. And it might even be sooner than you think. Plus we also think that the first waves of early-access Iberia keys for our most loyal and trusted influencers may depart our mailboxes next week as well! Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox, if you’re a creator or gaming media representative, as you might receive an invitation soon.

With the actual release of the Iberia DLC, we are also preparing a few special things for you. First, you can look forward to (and we hope that you’ll accompany us for) the special Iberia release live stream full of developer Q&A, some cool behind-the-scenes info of this map expansion, and also featuring Pavel Sebor who will hit the release button at the end of the stream with us!

For those who’ll be in the mood to cruise in Iberia, we will have a treat! But no more spoilers on that now!

Through the development of Iberia, we asked you many times to add this DLC to your Steam wishlist. You might not see this as an important thing, but it really helps us a lot with the development of any of our bigger projects. So far more than 580 000 Steam users have added Iberia to their wishlist! That’s amazing! Thank you for your support!

Now we think it’s a good time to reward you for that. Post an image of your Steam wishlist with the Iberia expansion in it under the #ReadyForIberia hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and tag us in. In the following days, we’ll randomly pick 5 lucky winners who’ll receive a free Iberia Steam key 3 hours before its release!


Source: SCS Software’s blog

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