in , v0.24 – The 2021 Winter Update Release

The most waiting v0.24 Winter update for has been released. It was the last big update of this year before the holiday. Version 0.24 is now live with some exciting new features, quality of life updates, a dash of graphics improvements, and a few physics changes.


1996 Ibishu Pessima Remaster

In the vehicle remaster line, we grabbed this opportunity to take the Pessima in hand. As many of our players have been keenly aware, the 1996 Ibishu Pessima was one of our most content-sparse vehicles with very little in the way of customization or even factory options, and its visual quality was a little lacking.

With this remaster, we wanted to address both of those things, and raise the vehicle’s performance ceiling. To that end, the Pessima will be getting a reworked 3D model with improved detail, proportions, and textures. The jbeam structure is also being reworked with better deformation and increased detail.

In addition to all of that, the Pessima is also getting a huge number of new parts, including new engine and drivetrain customization, new sport and custom body kits, new spoilers, fender flares, rollcage, racing subframes – essentially the full kit for fancying up your Pessima will be included in this update. The update will also include a full complement of factory custom and racing models for the Pessima.

Gavril H-Series Remaster

The Gravril H-Series has also gotten a much-needed rework. This van has received a shiny new 3D model and materials, in addition to a stack of new content, including side-door and passenger body styles, new interior color options and passenger parts to go with the reworked interior, and new base and high-end facelift parts.

It has also received a thorough going-over in the configuration department, with existing configurations getting a rework and several new configurations being added, and is getting three new skins.

We’ve also added various new props, including a lounge set, fridge, chair, TV, and cardboard boxes, so if you ever had the urge to pretend you were driving a moving van, now’s your chance!

And to top that off, we are improving trailers physical skeletons to achieve more realistic behavior. The flatbed is now more longitudinaly flexible, together with remade load physics with reduced rigidity, improved collision and deformation. The tanker is also getting a new load jbeam with more realistic liquid sloshing behavior and adjustable volume, along with new 22000L and 34000L load volume configurations.

PBR Update For Levels

In Version 0.24 we are continuing the process of updating our graphics to PBR, which started with vehicles in a previous version.

To that end, roads, decals, and terrain in the Jungle Rock Island, Utah, and Small Island maps are being upgraded to PBR. Upgrading to Physically Based Rendering will allow us to render the environment with more accuracy and detail than we’ve ever been able to before, bringing even more realism to your driving experience.


An exciting new feature coming in this update is the Mission system. Once the update drops, you will be able to play missions in freeroam mode. Similar to scenarios, missions can be started from within a level and some missions can be customized before starting so that you can tailor your experience.

The available mission types will include Time Trials and Bus Mode available everywhere, Dragrace on West Coast USA and Gridmap V2, Longjump on Utah, Precision Parking on Italy and East Coast USA, Drift and Gymkhana on Italy and West Coast USA, and Arrive on Italy. More details on what each mission entails will be in the patch notes. You will also be able to create your own missions using the Mission Editor. The editor is still a work in progress so may not be perfectly reliable, but you will be able to use it to make new missions using the existing Mission Types as a template, make completely custom missions, and make your own Mission Types and Editors. Have a look at the documentation for the mission editor here!


Fixes & Improvements

The update will also include a number of map fixes as well as some changes to the World Editor. The editor is getting Import/Export features for the Multi-Vehicle Spawner window, as well as reworked features and design.

Traffic systems in the West Coast USA have received several improvements, including changes to speed limits, improvements to the police infraction system, and more customization options. Traffic will now respect all traffic signals on current official maps.

We have also began a major revamp of the entire User Interface with this release; more details will be available at a later date, but we invite you to share your feedback in this dedicated thread.

Last, but certainly not least, we are making some changes to the Force Feedback system to make it smoother, with more detail and accuracy. The new Soft Lock option will attempt to keep your USB steering wheel within the valid angles of your current vehicle, lending a level of realism to your experience.

New bindings have been added to allow for easy testing of different strengths and smoothing, in addition to other Force Feedback-related tweaks. The improved FFB is smoother and less noisy allowing more details to reach the wheel. It is advised to adjust the smoothing and strength FFB parameters to have best results.

We’ve also made some improvements to the audio of the game, adding plastic impacts, support for cooling fans, UI sounds and ambiance for the overview map mode, and stereo headphone mode!

And as a last little cherry on top of the update cake, we are also adding German and Polish localization.

And as an added treat, we wanted to let you know that just in time for the holidays you can expect a content update that will be bringing a new contender to the game’s lineup: the Bruckell Bastion, an American muscle car that can take on all comers with style. Keep an eye on our social media for clues to the other contents of the holiday update!


Please head here to check the full patch notes.


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