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A detailed double-decker bus mod called The Capsule has been released for Developed by several people under the leadership of CYCJoseph. The bus mode, which is in beta, is being updated with new features. 

The Capsule is a capsule-shaped double-decker bus for It comes with left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) variants.


  • Colour route display
  • Openable passenger doors, wheelchair ramps and engine door (can be controlled using keyboard or vehicle trigger)
  • Digital gauges (metric and imperial)
  • Interior lights
  • Dummy driver and passengers (adjustable weight for the latter) (dummy model by @B25Mitch)
  • (Might affect performance even though the jbeam structures for the dummy passengers are greatly simplified)


  • Standard
Standard body with the length of 14m (45ft 11in), the width of 2.52m (8ft 3in) and the height of 4.45m (14ft 7in).
  • Low-roof
At 4.15m (13ft 7in) high, the low-roof version is designed to meet the height restrictions, allowing them to opreate on more routes.
  • Drift
Equipped with a heavily tuned engine, race turbocharger, quick ratio steering, single rear tires and welded differential.
  • Powerglow
The race variant with powerglow skin. Equipped with a heavily tuned engine, race turbocharger, quick ratio steering and race tires.
The following Lightrunner tracks are doable with this bus:
Argon Curves
Krypton Raceway
  • Accelera
Equipped with JATO liquid fuel rockets and a ram plow, the Accelera can reach the top speed of 710 km/h (441 mph).

Credits: CYCJoseph
Parts of the jbeam are based on the Wentward Pack by @Ai’Torror


You can install from in-game.

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