in – Articulated Frame Component for Bus – Articulated Frame Component for Bus

Articulated body for buses developed by slysenko.


My primary goal of this experiment was to try out driving such a vehicle on Logitech G27 wheel. But since quite a good reception, I’m going to proceed with development of this mode up to “production” level.

Articulated Frame: 33 + 32 = 65 seats
Bi-Articulated Frame: 33 + 31 + 32 = 96 seats
Tri-Articulated Frame: 33 + 31 + 31 + 32 = 127 seats

Latest version –

Select “Articulated Frame” or “Bi-Articulated Frame” in the Bus components list to try out.

Currently in development:
– Fixing all know bugs and issues.

Big development plans: Adding ability to couple these in “trains”

Project on GitHub:

Credits: slysenko


You can install from in-game.

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