in – 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 – 2020 Land Rover Defender 110

The 2020 Land Rover Defender mod, developed under the leadership of Jorge Pinto, has been released for The 2020 Land Rover Defender model is ported from Forza Horizon 5 game. With its quality model, textures and detailed features has been adapted to vehicle simulation. Thank you to everyone who contributed. 

Welcome to the Land Rover Defender 110 Gen 2 for BeamNG!


  • 3D model port from Forza Horizon 5 (Defender 110X), with Cherier Tograc mechanicals and drivetrain, and adapted jbeaming
  • Added custom textures, full lighting support, including interior buttons and both front and rear foglights
  • Realistic weight and engine figures (up to a certain point at least)
  • Several configs based on real life trims
  • Custom color choices, with 3-zone paint (main body, roof, plastics)
  • Custom interior color skin schemes, with several choices.
  • Four front bumper options (Black grill, Body-colored grill, black bottom, a combo of all, and all-black)
  • Two rear bumper options (Metallic and black)
  • Four wheel options (All black & Two-Tone for the main rim, V8, and Land Rover steelies)
  • Two spare tire cover options (metallic and black)
  • Two steering wheel options (metallic and black)
  • Custom brakes for the V8 (With special look and color)
  • Optional off-road tires for all stock rims
  • Several engine choices:
    • 2.0L D200 I4 Diesel
    • 2.0L D240 I4 Diesel
    • 2.0L P300 I4
    • 3.0L D200 I6 Diesel
    • 3.0L D250 I6 Diesel
    • 3.0L P400 I6
    • 5.0L P525 V8
  • Digital gauges with actual Land Rover font (known bug: the needles don’t work and the speed is not centered) as well as integrated BeamNG GPS system.
  • Rear locking diff, and a high and low range 4WD transfercase.
  • Support for my european plates mod (yellow back plates available)
  • Support for police concealed lights, tow hitch and roof rack
  • Optional skin (black hood) and working snorkel


CREDITS version: JorgePinto

Turn 10 Studios/Playground Games: Original body and interior mesh
BeamNG: Cherier underpinnings, jbeams and some textures and parts
-PabloMM: Helping fixing bugs and adding missing features
dumpling: Suspension fixing, configs, fixes and more
schnitzer.: Engine options
CarTMatt: Adding rear locking diff and high and low range 4WD transfercase and more
baarry5444: Fixing steering wheel rotation
J777: Adding configs





How to install:
-Download the attached zip file
-Put it into your local mods folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\\0.24\mods)

Issues with textures/any weird behaviour?:
-Delete any previous files/folders from the mods, perform a cache deep cleaning, download the latest version and try again
-Please check no other mods might be interfering with this one


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