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American Truck Simulator – Wyoming: Industries

From towering, snow-capped mountain ranges to world-famous national parks, Wyoming is a state of rugged natural beauty. Whilst admiring the scenery on your delivery, it’s important to remember the reason for your journey! Let’s take a closer look at some of the key industries that will be featured in our upcoming Wyoming DLC for American Truck Simulator.

Before we dive deep into this topic, we’d love to remind here that the Wyoming DLC is still in a very early phase and that everything shown here is still very much in a ‘Work in Progress’ stage, as you can probably tell from the screenshots below. But we thought it might be good to let you know how some of the prefabs look like when they are being created. As you will see on some of the shots here, our teams use special markers placed on them to decide where future job trailers will be spawned (green), and where the parking options are, with red for the most difficult one, yellow for medium difficulty, and blue for the easy parking option.

As one of the least populous and least densely populated states in the United States, Wyoming has a lot of open lands. This makes it a perfect location for the agriculture industry, which is of the state’s largest contributors to the local economy.

While crops, fruits, and vegetables make up a large percentage of this industry, the production of beef is the largest part of Wyoming’s agriculture sector. Many of the cattle are usually sold and exported around the world from Livestock auction houses, which will be one of the new industries arriving to Wyoming for American Truck Simulator.

Another form of logistics that is prominent across the state is the railroad. Wyoming railroads date back to the Union Pacific when the railroad reached the state’s eastern fringes in 1862; today, these serve as an important connection within the United States. Drivers will be able to contribute to the maintenance of the locomotives that serve the railways as you deliver important rail parts to and from the Rail Supply Depot, as-well delivering and picking up cargo from the freight trains that arrive daily.

The mineral extraction industry is Wyoming’s most important industry. The industry remains a major economic driver of the state and is one of the top contributors to the local economy. One such example that will be included in our Wyoming DLC will be the Soda Ash Mine located near Rock Springs. This has been created as a replica of our reference.

Chemical plants and quarries will also be other locations where drivers can pick up and deliver various parts and materials from. These loading points are always located on the edge of the refinery or quarry to keep drivers safely away from the active mining areas.

Another type of vehicle you’ll find working around the quarries are dump trucks. Drivers will have the opportunity to haul dump truck parts and bodies to and from a manufacturer to industries that require their use!

These are just a handful of the many industries you’ll be able to discover and deliver to and from in our upcoming Wyoming DLC for American Truck Simulator! We look forward to sharing more development updates with you in the near future, but until then, make sure to add Wyoming to your Steam Wishlist! It really helps support the development and release of our expansions, thank you.


Source: SCS Software blog

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