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The new DAF XF 2021 and a special ETS 2 demo for DAF Drive

The new DAF XF has been added for Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a free update. On June 10, New DAF trucks XG and XG+ participated in the simulation on the same day. The XF truck model was delayed. SCS Software and DAF Trucks will also be presenting the new vehicle live this evening. They released it immediately with the new update. You can buy the new DAF XF truck with its interior design with brand new digital displays (ghost screens) and mirrors with digital cameras from DAF dealers. New chassis options have also been added to the XG and XG+ tractors.

Today we are happy to reveal something which we’ve been working on for quite a while in cooperation with DAF Trucks and NVIDIA. We have joined forces with these big names in the technology, gaming, and automotive industry, and together we’ve created quite a unique project!


Earlier this year, while we were celebrating the release of the DAF XG and XG+ trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2 via our blog and stream, we have also shown a cool platform created by DAF – the DAF Virtual Experience. On there, anyone can visit DAF’s facility, museum, and much more, in a virtual 3D world served through your web browser.

Back then, in addition to working hard on bringing both the DAF XG and XG+ trucks to Euro Truck Simulator 2, we were also focused on a new ambitious project with DAF Trucks and NVIDIA. Today, we can finally reveal that this project is formally known as DAF Drive. This feature will be implemented and set available in the DAF Virtual Experience platform later today; a tailored demo version of our truck simulator has been created, allowing any visitor of the website to hop into one of the DAF Trucks vehicles and take a virtual drive through a short and scenic route. No login requested, no purchase required, no download needed.

The demo itself relies on the amazing streaming technology utilized by NVIDIA GeForce NOW platform, and we believe that collectively we have all created a unique and important cooperation showcase between the automotive and gaming industries. We believe that this pioneering effort could be a promising kick-off of a feature that will show other brands and automotive companies that there is a way to offer an exclusive experience to their customers from the comfort of their own homes/workplaces, whether it is checking out a 1:1 scale virtual model of their vehicles, their interiors, functionality, or taking it to a virtual test drive. Such a low-friction web-based application might contribute a lot in helping potential customers decide which vehicle they might be interested in, and which one will be perfect for their business or for themselves.

We at SCS Software are proud that our Euro Truck Simulator 2 game was recognized as a strong partner for such a project and that we are now able to let you, our fans, know about the part we are playing in this exciting project. However, what kind of a celebration would it be without something cool for the players of the game as well, right?

Therefore we are happy to announce that today we are also adding the amazing 2021 DAF XF truck for all of you to enjoy in ETS2 for free on Steam, whether you’re playing on your computer or streaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW to nearly any device you own!


Here’s everything you can expect from this new truck addition:

• Kerb View Window through which the driver can clearly see potential cyclists, motorbikes, or other vehicles positioned next to the truck

• 2021 DAF XF cab option

• New door handle option (half painted)

• 6×2 FTN and FTS chassis are available for all cabin sizes (XF, XG, XG+). The FTN chassis is unique as it is the first chassis with a steered trailing axle in the game!

• An additional shorter FT (4×2) chassis is available for the XF



Moreover, we will also showcase the new truck on our live stream on Twitch and Youtube today at 6PM CET. We will be joined by a special guest from DAF Trucks, and together we will walk through the DAF Drive app, jump into the 2021 DAF XF to take on our very first job with it, and much more!

We hope you’re curious to check out the DAF Drive demo along with the new 2021 DAF XF in ETS2. To celebrate this release with us, spread the cool news, and test your luck, we are hosting a special social media sharing campaign in which you can eventually win some nice and exclusive rewards!

To participate, all you need to do is to visit the DAF Drive app, do a test drive in one of the new DAF XF, XG, or XG+ vehicles, and share a screen capture from it over Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook under the hashtag of #RideDAF along with tagging our, DAF Trucks’ (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and NVIDIA GeForce NOW’s (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) official profiles. Later, we will pick a few of those posts that will steal our hearts and reward them with a very exclusive prize! We can’t wait to see all the posts!


Source: SCS Software’s blog

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