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Neoplan Cityliner bus mod for ETS 2 is coming from ECMods Team

Neoplan Cityliner joins the increasingly popular and better modeled bus modes for ETS 2. Neoplan Cityliner bus mod, developed by the ECMods team, will soon be released for Euro Truck Simulator 2 for free. ECMods states that it will continue to offer high-quality bus mods. Various buses with 3 different models and 8 options were in the modeling phase. Neoplan Cityliner is currently being modeled by İsmail Arslan and corverted to the simulation by Harun Aras. Discord addresses are here.

You will be able to change the bus plate by clicking on the plate slot without dealing with a separate template such as the existing windshield plate in the game. Of course, it actually needs to support the original license plate in the World of Trucks profile here, but people using the bus mode also write the license plate of the real bus, so confusion is avoided.


Working on engine sounds.




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