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Logging is back to SnowRunner! (early version Season 3 – PTS Update 12.0)


We hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season! Today, we’re very excited to release the early version of Season 3 on the Public Test Server! Logging is back, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on this huge update, and all the new content the team has been working hard on.

Please keep in mind that this is an early version, so bugs are to be expected. Please leave any feedback or bug reports here.

Thank you,
The Saber and Focus Teams

PTS Update 28/12/2020 (12.0)

Patch 12.0 Notes:

New content:

  • [DLC] New region: Wisconsin
    • Black Badger Lake
    • Grainwoods River
  • [DLC] Truck: International Paystar 5600TS
  • [DLC] Truck: BOAR 54318
    • One more truck will be added in January
  • [DLC] New skin for Step 310E
  • [Free] Two new trials
  • [Free] Logging contracts for both new and base game maps
  • [Free] Logging addons
  • [Free] Curtains and windshield stickers added as customization options
  • [Free] Additional customization elements for all trucks

General Additions:

  • Supported an adjustable low range for special gearboxes
  • Music sets on maps are now played in a random order
  • Added an ability to remove on-map trailers via functions menu

General Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where trucks that were left on a bridge may get stuck when the game was relaunched
  • Fixed a bug where “Starting Engine” message appeared when player tried to winch other player’s car with stopped engine
  • FIxed a camera shake that happened when a player used any of the ‘Move Crane’ buttons for a crane of the ‘KRS 58 “Bandit”‘ truck
  • Beacons on trucks are now disabled by default, beacons state is now saved
  • Fixed a bug when in the task “Tools for the Warehouse”, in Big Salmon Peak, when the player approached the objective Curtainside Trailer for the first time, it jumped out the ground
  • Improved winch attachment point for the ‘Heavy Rock Trailer’
  • Fixed a bug when objective trailer/vehicle was discovered again after a task restart
  • Added oil stain in the water when players truck is in it
  • Fixed a bug when in some cases points shown in the garage to unlock stuff were wrong and not tied to the actual players rank
  • Fixed a bug when the sound of anchors was looped if the truck was changed while the anchors are moving
  • Fixed a bug when in co-op host could invite players despite the game’s players limit being maxed out
  • Fixed a bug when the crane of ‘KRS 58 Bandit’ truck was rotating in some cases after entering the truck if the crane was rotated at 180 degrees before
  • Fixed a bug when destination markers were placed after rotating a map
  • Fixed a bug when the distance was not converted in gallons/miles metric system in missions that involves the seismic vibrator
  • Disabled blur for on-map trucks when a player drives nearby
  • Fixed a bug where in the manage party menu the third slot was unlocked while the game is limited to two players
  • Fixed a bug where a crane was not fully restored for other players in the coop game
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players were unable to scroll truck list in upgrade obtained window

Mod Browser:

  • Added unsubscribe confirmation pop-up
  • Fixed a bug where by default, the option “Sorting by the name” was in inverted alphabetical order
  • Fixed a bug where the mod report description window was limited to 30 characters
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases list of mods that player needs to download to join a co-op game was not complete
  • Fixed a bug where mods were available in truck store for a client in COOP session without mods
  • Fixed a bug where co-op game invitation did not work in mod browser and once the player left the mod browser


  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Vehicles found’ counter did not increase when the player found vehicles on the mod map
  • Added additional mod verification checks in the game editor packaging process
  • Supported custom employers names
  • Supported the purchase of any trucks from different regions in custom scenarios
  • Mod creators are now able to create addons with a mobile watchtower functionality
  • Mod creators are now able to set up default player level and amount of money in custom scenarios
  • Map mod creators are now able to set up custom prices in the garage


  • Added a highlight for the ‘Manual Loading’ in the ‘Quarry’ area on the ‘Smithville Dam’ level, Michigan
  • Fixed a bug where players could not restart the Lost Instrument task in Zimnegorsk


  • Tweaked mirrors placement for WS49x
  • Tweaked winch connection point for Bandit crane


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