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Extra Gears for Farming Simulator 22!

Extra Gears for Farming Simulator 22!

Modder BarryCarlyon has released a mod called Extra Gears for Farming Simulator 22. Adding keybinds for missing gears. 

Adds Keybinds for the Missing Gears

Default FS22 only lets you bind Shifters from Gear 1 to Gear 8

Extra Gears adds keybindings up to 18. For direct Shifter access.

Additionally for those with a six or eight speed shifter, you can bind “shift” keys to use the same six or eight to access higher gears. This is similar to other Simulator Games.

You can shift by 6, 12, 18, 8, or 16.


Author: BarryCarlyon

Platform: PC/MAC



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