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Nürburgring Nordschleife Racing Track mod imported from Assetto Corsa has been released for The Nordschleife track mod developed by Kirbyguy is really well prepared. Areas such as the Touristenfahrten area and the Grand Prix track have also been added. Racetracks will keep coming for

Remove any old versions of ks_nord and clear your cache before installing. Place the .zip file in your mods folder to install. Please note that due to the large size of the map and very detailed road collision meshes, you will need a decently spec’d computer to run smoothly. To install the patch file only, unpack the ks_nord_v20210705pbr mod in BeamNG, and extract the patch into the mod’s unpacked directory, replacing all older files. Verify that the patch has been installed by checking the map’s description for 2021-07-09.

Changelog: 2021-07-09

– Fixed disappearing shadows in first person camera in certain FOVs and aspect ratios

– Fixed “ghostly” 3D-looking car shadows 2021-07-05

– Added missing objects like trees and Touristenfahrten area

– Added Grand Prix track

– Shortened initial loading times by including cached DAE files

– Updated important materials to PBR (trees, grass, and other less important objects have not been updated to PBR)

– Added time trial layouts for the 24h combined, touristenfahrten, and grand prix layouts

– New lighting to suit new PBR materials === Had some time to update some of the materials to PBR. Looks too good with a bit of RTGI to not share!

Changelog: 2021-07-22

  • Significant performance optimizations recommended by Olrosse
  • More materials converted to multilayer PBR like grass
  • Fixed some collision issues at Brünnchen reported by Yu and Juan Ordóñez Galbán
  • Fixed collision materials of kerbs and Karussells
  • Brand new lighting and shadow settings (see…)
  • AI paths for the Nordschleife loop only
  • traffic can now be spawned



Please redownload!

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