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American Truck Simulator – Wyoming: Truck Stops

American Truck Simulator – Wyoming: Truck Stops

Truck stops provide fuel, food, and a place to rest not only for truckers but for other visitors too. Found along the highways of America, stopping at some of these large plazas with multiple amenities have become the new normal for drivers, with famous chains becoming more well-known among frequent travelers.

In Wyoming, officially nicknamed the Equality State, you and your wheeled partner will come across many stops, large and small, which cover chains of different brands. Make sure to visit them all. You never know what you may find on your next fuel stop!

Taking a rest stop? Why not take a moment to add Wyoming for American Truck Simulator to your Steam wishlist while your tanks are being filled? It really helps to support us with releases of our future content. Thanks!


Source: SCS Software’s blog

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