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Aerosoft releases The Enhanced Environment Pack for OMSI 2

Developed by Илья Кузьбожев, The Enhanced Environment Pack is now available on Steam for OMSI 2. This package, which you can buy for 29,99€/$, brings graphical improvements, revised weather effects and professionally recorded ambient sounds for the OMSI 2 bus simulator. Rain sounds, various horns for vehicles in AI traffic, and various footstep sounds for passengers are offered. It also includes new kaplamalar for the sky and sun. You can choose from 22 different cloud types.

  • Sounds:
    – Binaural rain sound
    – Different wheel noises and horns for AI cars
    – Wet road sounds
    – 14 different steps for passengers
  • Weather and textures:
    – New sky textures (day, night and sunset)
    – New skybox
    – New light flares
    – New envir.cfg
    – New Sun texture
    – New raindrops
    – New snowflakes
    – 22 types of realistic clouds

Developer: Илья Кузьбожев

Publisher: Aerosoft GmbH

Release Date: 17 June, 2021

Steam Price: 29,99€/$



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