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FS 22 – Saletrosan 26 Polish Fertilizer Pallets

It is the pallet mode of the Polish fertilizer company Saletrosan, developed by Tyson. Saletrosan 26 Makro fertilizer containing a mixture of ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate is added to Farming Simulator 22 with this mod. 

Nitrogen fertilizers with sulfur
Granulated fertilizer, uniform granules, brown to beige in colour. Covered with anti-caking agents, without permanent caking characteristics. Granules of 2-6 mm, not less than 95% of the mass. Bulk density: 0.98 kg/dm3.
Saletrosan® 26 Makro is a mixture of ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulphate with the addition of dolomite powder, rich with calcium and magnesium.
The fertilizer includes 26% of nitrogen (N), including 19% in the ammonium form and 7% in the nitrate form. It also includes 13% of sulphur (S) [which constitutes 32.5% calculated per sulphur trioxide (SO3)], soluble in water, in sulphate form.



Author: Tyson

Platform: PC/MAC




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