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Farming Simulator 22 – Autoload Bale Trailer from Rolland Pack

Rolland trailer pack mod developed by Univers Simu Modding has been shared for Farming Simulator 22. There are bale trailers with autoload feature in the Rolland Pack. We also use these trailers on our farm in Haut-Beyleron. It works like auto loading bale trailers. Univers Simu Modding has added an autoload option when purchasing these trailers in the store. But they stay on the trailer where you want to unload the bales. Or you can empty it to another place with the bale fork.

Key “B”: Transporting position, Operating position

Key “Y”: Unload bales

– LSEL 10006:
Price: 21.600 $
3 body types

– LSP 9004:
Price: 16.650 $
3 body types


  • Capacity: 28 Bales
  • Weitght: 4.5 t
  • Square Bales: 180-240 cm
  • Round Bales: 125-180 cm



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